Always use TransTape or kinetic tape that was intended for the body, and NEVER use duct tape or Ace bandages to bind your chest. Taping can be better than a traditional binder as it does not restrict, constrict, or compress your body or organs at all. Taping allows for the full range of motion, mobility, and breathing.

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How to safely bind with transtape, step by step: ① Start with clean, dry skin. The skin should be a moisturizer, lotion, and oil-free. Additionally, you might want to shave for the adhesives to be as effective as possible. ② Covering your nipples is a must since you don't want those strong adhesives to seriously damage your skin.

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STEP 4: With your thumbs and index fingers, take your first strip at the first dark line, tear the protective paper, leaving it attached to your TransTape. If you are using multiple sizes and pieces, take your widest strip first. Remove the first section and discard. Peel back the second section, leaving the paper attached; fold and crease.

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Step 4: Apply First Strip Create a handle by folding the first half of the protective paper back and leaving half on the tape so that you don't touch the sticky part. Push your breast tissue down and back with your hand as you apply the tape. Gently lay the first 2 inches of tape on your skin and lightly rub to activate the adhesive.

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Tape binding is a document binding process that uses strips coated in thermoplastic glue that, when melted to the spine and covers of a book, 9 feb. 2017. I learned that some people use KT Tape (affiliate link) as an alternative to wearing a binder. As a runner, I've used this super-stretchy.

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One strip of KT Tape cut in half I learned that some people use KT Tape  (affiliate link) as an alternative to wearing a binder. As a runner, I’ve used this super-stretchy adhesive fabric tape on my shins and feet while training for races. Wearing KT is better than using an ace bandage or other tape to bind, but it’s not ideal.
I wouldn't say you'd risk serious injury if you're using the tape correctly you're not going to break a rib or lung but you will definitely get some scarring that could worsen and lead to pain that makes it hard to bind. Taking a short break now is better than not taking one and no longer being able to bind from damaged and sensitive skin.
Oct 31, 2019.

TransTape or KT tape is the most popular option that people use when first learning how to bind with tape. There are a variety of videos on.

Apr 15, 2022.

Begin by laying about 5 cm (2 inches) of trans tape. To activate the adhesive, try carefully rubbing the surface. Continue by gently covering.