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Under-chest *. Stomach *.

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Our binder was the first nude range available and the first racerback — 2 innovations that forced the market, in general, to become more inclusive, especially for people of color who were not included in "skin tone" binder options. Though our binder was launched at the end of 2016, we have already made 2 silhouette changes and changed.

Nov 4, 2017.

We make custom binders for the binding of the chest. There are many binders out there on the internet that you can order.

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In November of 2015 we launched our Kickstarter for the Bareskin Binder — an inclusive nude colored binder that included a range of skin-tones,

THE ORIGINAL CHEST BINDERS DESIGNEDBY TRANS PEOPLE, FOR TRANS PEOPLE gc2b provides high quality chest binders at an affordable price. Our products have been designed using an extensive and thorough process. gc2b binders feature our patented front and back, double panel, mixed material design to construct a flat appeara

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4. Trans Tape. Trans Tape is adhesive tape designed to allow you to bind safely without a binder. It comes in a variety of colours for different skin tones, and also can be used for packing and tucking. You can also buy an oil to help remove the tape without damaging your skin. You can find out more about Trans Tape here.

People looking for true skin-tone chest binders, usually worn under clothes to create a flat-chested look, are often out of luck, but a company is now looking to change that by creating a wider variety of options for their product.

Amazon. This Chest Binder from Idtswch features a double panel for tissue distribution and comfortable compression. Made from a mix of nylon and spandex, the fabric is moisture wicking, skin.

Chest * Under-chest * Stomach * Hip * Length * From the middle of the shoulder, down over the front, to the desired bottom hem.

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Earlier in May, GC2b launched a line of chest binders — a type of compression garment generally worn by trans men, gender non-conforming individuals or those with chest-related dysphoria — in.

Katherine Pendrill — May 10, 2016 — Fashion References: gc2b.co & bustle GC2B is helping transmasculine individuals find a binder that fits their specific skin tone by offering garments in a wide variety of skin-matching shades. For the most part, chest binders are only available in neutral shades such as black, white and grey.

Jun 2, 2016.

Trans-friendly apparel company GC2b has launched a line of nude colored chest binders designed to match a variety of skin tones.

So that's why they're all labeled "skin-tone", now. Two days after we made that change, the numbers bounced back up. FOSTA/SESTA has hurt many, many people way more than us. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a sex worker on the internet right now.

Nude No. 2 Tank, $35, gc2b.co. Nude No. 5 Half, $33, gc2b.com. GC2B's nude tones undoubtedly make chest binders look less medical and unappealing. Just in time for summer, these products will.

Gary hoped that book binder Christopher Shaw, could restore the much-loved but broken family heirloom back to its former glory, telling him ‘it’s falling apart’. Speaking to presenter Jay Blades.

Nude No. 1 Half, $33, gc2b.co Nude No. 2 Tank, $35, gc2b.co Nude No. 5 Half, $33, gc2b.com GC2B's nude tones undoubtedly make chest binders look less medical and unappealing. Just in time for.

Learn about dermatitis and how you can treat it
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Learn about dermatitis and how you can treat it
These binders are made with our strong binding mesh base and an outer layer of solid spandex. Both fabrics are a spandex/nylon blend. Color Descriptions Birch – light warm beige Poplar – light cool beige Madrone – medium warm tan Sassafrass – medium cool brown Walnut – dark neutral brown Skin Tone Binders $ 85.00 Simple and discreet.
This Econo Power Chest Binder from Underworks is a great option for those searching for a comfortable fit and strong compression. Priced at $22.99, it's a quality entry-level option that comes in.

Check out our skin tone binder selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
Keep it clean: Wash and air dry your binder regularly to get rid of bacteria that could increase the risk of skin infection. Never use duct tape or plastic wrap to bind your chest. These items are especially likely to cause side effects. 2 When to See a Doctor